14 February 2012

To keep at the forefront of the industry, sgfleet consistently strives to innovate and lead the market with new product and service developments.

Improved fleet efficiency is gained by having access to leading edge products and services. Recent examples of sgfleet’s market leading innovation include the Electronic Log Book, Fleetintelligence, and also the mobile application.

sgfleet’s Electronic Log Book enables the collection of data for both driver and vehicle summary reports and eliminates the need for paper-based log books. This is a must for all Fleet Managers.

Fleetintelligence is a web based reporting and management system created by sgfleet that enables instant access to up-to-date information on vehicle activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows the user to retrieve standardised and customised reporting. This facilitates forming strategic fleet policy and management plans needed to control business expenditure and minimise risks.

sgfleet has also created an iPhone App which can be utilised for tracking kilometres and also locating services. It can be used on one or multiple vehicles.

As the Fleet Management and Leasing industry continues to grow, sgfleet continues to drive fleet innovation with technological advancements and improvements to run fleets more efficiently.

Ask an sgfleet representative for more information about the next exciting innovation.

Fleetintelligence Electronic Log Book iPhone App