5 November 2017

Vehicle management allows businesses to provide their drivers with the tools and resources needed to have a stress free lease. Businesses can choose what to include as part of their lease lifecycle.

Vehicle management includes services that cover the vehicle lifecycle.



Fuel can make up 30% of fleet running costs, making the management integral to operating a successful fleet. Odometer readings allow businesses to track and report on the vehicle mileage.

Fuel cards offer a level of security and control with features such as:

  • Electronic restriction on specific product purchases
  • Monthly and daily purchase limits

Fleetintelligence provides access to fuel reporting in one consolidated location, giving businesses the ability to create consistent report and analysis, including:

  • Usage reports
  • Fuel transactions
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Excessive fuel overfill
  • Fuel analysis
  • Electronic invoices 

Roadside Assistance

This service ensures that drivers won't be left stranded and offers drivers immediate assistance in case the unexpected happens. Assisting in simple jump starts to minor mechanical repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Roadside Assistance service offers comprehensive feature benefits and has been tailored to the needs of drivers, saving them time and money as well as creating peace of mind motoring. 

Administrative tasks can take up time, we provide an outsourced option to give businesses back precious time that can be spent on bigger tasks.


Road Fund Licence Management

We can arrange the Road Fund Licence for new and existing vehicles, reducing business administration tasks and increasing efficiency. This amount will be included as part of the vehicle invoice keeping all costs recorded in the one system. We will also obtain a MOT where applicable.


Duty of Care

We provide a range of products to assist with an employers Duty of Care relating to motor vehicles.

The duty of care offering will be tailored to suit the exact needs of each organisation and will typically include:

  • Driver's licence checking service to ensure drivers hold the appropriate licence for the vehicle they are operating
  • Driver training provided in a range on ways including online training, group workshops and in vehicle training
  • Accident Management to assist in the day to day management of motor vehicle accidents, and to implement strategies to reduce them from occurring
  • Fines Management service, including reporting on repeat offenders 

Traffic Infringements

We make this process as easy and effortless as possible. Should we receive a traffic infringement for a vehicle in any fleet, the driver of the vehicle will be identified, and the infringement will be forwarded to the business so the fine can be sent to the nominated driver.

All of our trackable services can be reported on in Fleetintelligence, giving businesses a total view of their fleet performance. This can help when making decisions about the future of the fleet and what can benefit the business the most.


Business Private Mileage Solution

Managing the driver’s business mileage re-imbursements or private use charges is a tedious process and very open to abuse. HMRC have begun to scrutinise mileage claims and fleet managers need to be aware of compliance requirements and potential penalties for not having adequate controls in place.

Our telematics solution, Motrak, is a solution using a global positioning unit in each car. Businesses will receive detailed information on all business trips including the start position, destination, times and distance travelled. Also received will be the total private mileage. This means that each organisation will know where and when the vehicles are being used.

This solution eliminates arduous administration tasks including collecting driver’s mileage returns each month. The system is not open to abuse and provides the knowledge that business trips and distances are legitimate.  

This solution is a must for all Fleet Managers and is compliant with the BVRLA’s privacy guidelines for the use of telematics.