14 March 2012

Vehicle Acquisition

sgfleet's buying power and strong relationships with vehicle suppliers and manufacturers assists clients to get the best price every time. sgfleet have a network of key dealers that commit to high quality service standards and competitive pricing. These are continually monitored and their performance reviewed against a range of key performance indicators.

The number of key dealers appointed is small enough to concentrate buying power, but large enough to support national operations.

Vehicles will always be supplied in accordance with an organisations’ individual specifications. In the event that a vehicle is ordered with accessories outside the standard vehicle policy, sgfleet will also co-ordinate third party suppliers. This includes the installation of job specific fit outs and other accessories unique to each operating environment. sgfleet will also liaise with both drivers and employees prior to order and if required, can provide a tax invoice directly to the individual employee.

New vehicle delivery dates are proactively monitored and confirmed with the delivering dealership as orders progress towards the required delivery date. The delivery status of vehicles is completely visible through the online Fleetintelligence system. The dashboard will display all vehicles on order and list any changes that may have occurred. 


Vehicle Disposal

Disposing of vehicles is more important than purchasing because the price received will vary depending on which disposal method is used.

It is a critical component to reducing the whole of life cost of each vehicle in any fleet. sgfleet will use the most effective disposal method based on the type of car and its location. This will ensure that the maximum return on assets is received.

To achieve the highest possible values at time of sale, flexibility is applied to the method and places of disposal. sgfleet’s volume and national coverage provides data on best performing methods on vehicle disposals and these are then measured against other sourced data to check current sales process performance against industry benchmarks.

Strategies adopted to maximise the sales prices include:

  • Transferring vehicles to areas where higher results are being achieved for that type of vehicle
  • Cleaning and vehicle preparation
  • Possible rectification of damage if judged to achieve a premium over associated costs
  • Utilising the services of auction houses 

sgfleet is able to arrange collection/transport of returned vehicles, and where the vehicle is being replaced by another sgfleet vehicle, the transport costs are often absorbed. Once vehicles are returned to the sgfleet disposals locations, the vehicles are then inspected in accordance with the guidelines in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide to determine condition.

Once returned, they are then assessed; any necessary restorations are carried out following which the vehicle is processed through to sale. This is done by utilising a combination of sgfleet’s disposal facilities, dealer network and auction houses, in order to obtain the optimum sale price.