14 March 2012

sgfleet has a national network of maintenance suppliers to deliver the highest standards of servicing and repairs. Because each client has different requirements, sgfleet offers two core maintenance solutions:


Fully Maintained

Under a fully maintained program, maintenance is included in the lease rental and sgfleet carries the risk of all repairs, including the costly unexpected ones.

This is a great solution if clients wish to eliminate the risks associated with repairs and maintenance of a fleet.

Fully maintained is the most popular maintenance program.


Do and Charge Maintenance

Maintenance expenses will be authorised and controlled by sgfleet's maintenance expertise. As costs are incurred, sgfleet will pay the repairer and recharge the costs back to the client. All costs, irrespective of size, will appear on a consolidated monthly invoice.

Depending on a fleet's specific needs, other maintenance plans may be required.  An sgfleet consultant will develop the solution that best matches each organisation's unique requirements.