14 February 2012

sgfleet provides Fleet Management and Leasing services to government organisations.

With a large volume of vehicles under management in these sectors, sgfleet has the knowledge to provide superior service and in particular has a strong presence in the defence sector where technical asset expertise is desired.

The vehicles sgfleet provides for government fleets across New Zealand touches passenger fleets through to specialist “made to purpose” vehicles.

Understanding the different requirements that each agency may have is imperative to establishing the best Fleet Management services to provide. This is why sgfleet doesn’t have a one size fits all approach to Fleet Management. sgfleet is also committed to reducing fleet costs and increasing efficiency through benchmarking.

sgfleet has been appointed the Fleet Management partner to the New Zealand Defence Force through public tender processes. This success is due to sgfleet's ability to deliver cost efficiency and value for money, data transparency and probity, leading online reporting and renowned fleet expertise.  

Leasing provides a financially viable option to purchasing and is not just for the private sector – governments can benefit from the alternate methods of funding their fleets through various leasing options.

For more information on how sgfleet can assist various government agencies, contact sgfleet +64 09 909 49 49 or nz.enquiries@sgfleet.com


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