21 March 2012

Commercial Solutions

sgfleet offers market leading truck, plant and materials handling fleet management and leasing solutions.

Commercial vehicles over 4 tonne require specialised management, with sgfleet ensuring the correct solution for each companies' unique needs is delivered. sgfleet gives technical support to fleet managers, during initial commissioning and throughout the entire commercial vehicle life cycle.

Options include:

  • Operating and finance lease programs
  • Full maintenance solutions as well as tyre replacement and re-registration
  • Fleet management and chargeback – one invoice per month for all costs
  • Acquisition, vehicle specification and disposal management


The Benefits of Commercial Leasing

Access to working capital – funding vehicles off balance sheet removes the burden of owning ageing assets and frees up working capital to fund growth

Reduced risksgfleet carries all vehicle residual risk and there is no obligation to purchase the vehicle at lease expiry

Access to discountssgfleet are able to offer assistance with vehicle procurement using sgfleet’s buying power. This access to discounts also includes savings on tyres, parts and other equipment

One easy payment - one fixed monthly payment covers all maintenance and leasing costs over the life of the lease. This removes cash flow spikes enabling budgeting to be easier as well as simplifying tax accounting

Reduced down timesgfleet gives access to a range of vehicle services to keep assets on the road

Reduced administration time and costs – with monthly rental payments consolidating all invoices from suppliers, company vehicles can be bought, managed and disposed of efficiently and cost effectively

Specialised maintenance and technical support - maintenance is managed by sgfleet, ensuring that all servicing and repairs are handled in accordance with manufacturers’ standards

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