5 May 2020

The Coronavirus lockdown has forced companies to either shut down or work from home. As a result, there aren’t many fleets operating. However, there is a chance that even after the lockdown is lifted, things might not go back to ‘normal’ for quite a while and fleet managers may have to operate from home while their fleets are out on the roads.

This is why we thought we’d offer fleet managers tips for working from home.

Some of the following advice is based on our own experience of remote working, and others are features that were already a part of our product offering, designed to make fleet management more efficient.

So, here are our working from home tips for fleet managers.

Create an optimum workspace

If you were based in an office, you might have had a desk where you worked. Similarly, when working from home, you need to have a dedicated workspace. This needs to be in an area that is not associated with sleep and should be relatively quiet.

A quiet space might not always be easy to create during the lockdown, especially if you have children who are also house-bound. In such situations, our remote fleet manager tip for creating an optimum workspace would include setting boundaries with family members, communicating when you don’t want to be disturbed, and implementing quiet times.

You will also need the right equipment to work from home. This not only includes your computer and phone, but other peripherals that can help make a workspace nicer and easier to work in, like an office chair, extra monitors, headsets, and web-cameras for video conferencing.


One of the most important tips for fleet managers working from home is to have an open line of communication with the rest of your team. This is where mobile phones can come in handy, as well as online communication tools, like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc. These allow your team to get in touch with you just as easily as you can contact them.

top view of a woman at a table with a laptop and various mobile devices

Managing your assets

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for efficiently allocating your resources, including your vehicles and the drivers, so they are productive. This means knowing exactly where they are, what they are doing, and how they can best be utilised.

If you’re a company that works with paper documents, forms, and spreadsheets, you might find it difficult to manage your company fleet from home. In such situations, people get better results with online solutions that give real-time data.

Even while you’re not in the office, you need to have a complete overview of your fleet at any given time. Our remote fleet manager tip is to use a good online tool that could help you with this, like Fleetintelligence or Bookingintelligence.


Fleetintelligence is sgfleet’s reporting and management system, which gives you access to your vehicle activity at any time. This powerful analytical tool helps you confidently form your strategic fleet management and policy plans as a fleet manager while working from home.

It also helps you control business expenses and minimise risks, as well as giving you access to standardised and customised reporting. In your Fleetintelligence reports, you can view:

  • Delivery information
  • Fleet composition
  • Fuel analysis
  • Maintenance analysis
  • Invoice analysis
  • Exception reports
  • Services due/overdue
  • Service schedule
  • And more


Bookingintelligence is a resource management application from sgfleet that enables you to manage your pool of vehicles and drivers online. It offers a sophisticated booking engine that helps you use the right assets for your booking request requirements.

This tool provides you with complete flexibility when managing your fleet while working from home or from the office. You can even view the system from any mobile device connected to the internet.

Most importantly, you can use it to manage not only vehicles but also resources like:

  • Vehicles
  • Fuel cards
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking spaces
  • Toll tags
  • Satellite navigation devices
  • Or any other resource type which needs to be managed


As a fleet manager working from home, you may find it difficult to know what’s happening with each vehicle in your fleet. However, since vehicle maintenance and driver safety are a part of your role, you can use technology to keep you informed.


Motrak is sgfleet’s telemetry system. It almost puts you in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. It gives you real-time information and customisable solutions to reduce vehicle wear, risks, and downtime, all from the comfort of your desk.

These tools give you the freedom to work from anywhere and yet be able to keep track of your fleet resources effectively.

As you can see, working from home for fleet managers is not very difficult with the technology available to us. All you need are the right tools and you will be able to manage your fleet as effectively as if you were in your office.

Further reading

Managing a fleet is more than just looking after company vehicles. It also means being informed of industry developments and planning accordingly. Here are some resources that could help you make informed decisions.

Do you want to discuss how our tools could help you effectively manage your fleet while working from home? Give us a call on 0844 854 5100 or email CSalmon@sgfleet.com to find out more.

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