23 April 2012

sgfleet is turning to their customers in an initiative that will assist in shaping the future direction of the organisation. With two events held in 2011, and another in February 2012, this new concept in fleet strategising will change how information is gathered and distributed.

The first event in 2011 was the inaugural Fleet Strategy Group (FSG) held in May in Sydney. A group of key strategic customers were asked to join a knowledge sharing session which enabled them to not only learn more about sgfleet, but fleet management in general. They were led to understand that the top three components of what turns a good fleet management organisation into a great one are people, systems and data.

This event was established to create an open forum for this cross section of clients from various industries to have input heard directly by senior executives at sgfleet. This has enabled these clients to provide feedback and comment on issues relating to all aspects of the business. This response has led sgfleet to ascertain areas of success and any improvements that can be made and has created an opportunity for more targeted market research to occur. By contributing to decision making, these fleet managers have become more engaged in shaping the future of the company and the fleet industry. 

The FSG represents over 10,000 vehicles from fleets across Australia and touches all segments from Novated leases, corporate fleets and heavy commercials. It was also noted the changes that had occurred in the fleet industry which was evident from job titles that have transformed from ‘Fleet Manager’ to ‘Sustainable Travel Officer’, highlighting the green direction that many fleet’s are taking. From an event such as this, case studies will be created that will discuss not only industry data, but the lessons learnt in order to further influence the future direction of sgfleet and the fleet industry.

Another sgfleet initiative that was held was the Energy Industry Forum. This involves a small number of clients chosen from the energy industry to meet bi-annually to look at various fleet industry aspects. The purpose of the group discussion is to provide sgfleet with the opportunity to understand the views of the energy industry in relation to future strategies. It will also afford energy organisations with the opportunity to provide feedback on current sgfleet performance, products and services.

An important part of this forum is the sharing and benchmarking of data across the member fleets. Currently, the proposed energy fleets run a range of different sgfleet products and the aim of the event is to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs for all members through the sharing of best practices and the demonstration of potential new products.

The philosophy behind these initiatives is for sgfleet to become better informed of the requirements of various fleets and for more information sharing to occur. It is also vital to the goals of continuous improvement and quality management. These events have been so well received that more events have been slated for 2012 and 2013.