20 February 2019

Vehicle repair and upkeep can have a significant impact on an organisation’s bottom line. It’s now more important than ever for fleet managers and their team to have processes in place that help reduce the maintenance costs of their vehicles.

Establish stronger communication

One of the easiest ways for a fleet manager to reduce maintenance costs is to establish strong lines of communication between all members of the organisation.

Whether this is through a monthly update or an “open-door” policy, creating strong communication channels can hold multiple benefits for a fleet of any size.

For example, the fleet manager will be able to speak to the drivers directly to understand how the vehicles are being driven on a daily basis, and to see whether the drivers themselves have any suggestions for maintenance schedule improvements.

Outsource fleet management and maintenance

For larger organisations, fleet management and maintenance can soon lead to higher costs and increased downtime, especially if the vehicles taken off the road have more wrong with them than originally anticipated.

One method of reducing fleet maintenance costs is to utilise the skills and experience of a fleet management company. As part of the agreement, the maintenance and servicing team will contact the driver directly, based on the pre-agreed maintenance schedule. 

Not only does this help to ensure that vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum, but it also means that the fleet manager won’t be surprised by any unforeseen outgoings. The pre-agreed maintenance costs are set ahead of time, which makes controlling annual spend easier.

Incorporate driver training

It’s important to remember that the drivers themselves can play a key role in reducing fleet maintenance costs. If fleet managers are able to implement driver training within their organisation, they are well on the way to cutting their annual spend on maintenance and repairs.

Not only does this help to control budgets, but it also helps the organisation in question adhere to their Duty of Care requirements and show their teams they are invested in their safety. These training sessions could be held on an individual basis, or in groups that are determined by the amount of time spent on the road, or by driving behaviour.

Use technology for a greater advantage

Fleet management software and vehicle telematics can be a great advantage for fleet managers, especially if their yearly target is to reduce fleet maintenance costs.

By using this software, fleet managers are able to receive more visibility on fuel consumption, driver behaviour, maintenance schedules and much, much more. This means that the information gathered by the software can be used to implement new fleet strategies, or enhance existing ones.

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In summary, a strong fleet management plan and help from a vehicle management organisation can vastly reduce the amount spent on unplanned vehicle downtime and repairs. 

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