3 February 2020

We are committed to a greener future, and as such it pleases us greatly that our pledge to provide low-emission fleets was recognised by the Great British Fleet Awards.

On 30th January, we were announced the winners in the Innovation in Green Travel category for our product, eStart.

These awards are a part of the Great British Fleet Event, and are now in their second year. They follow on from the Fleet World Honours, designed to recognise excellence in the fleet sector.

What is eStart

As part of our submission for the award, we had to explain how eStart was an innovation in green travel.

To begin with, we explained how the end-to-end planning solution helps businesses plan and manage their budget and vehicle requirements when switching over to a Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) fleet.

Since the transition can involve some expense, we help businesses determine what they need, both in terms of vehicles and infrastructure, and how much it will cost them. We offer a realistic assessment, so there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises later on in the process.

Additionally, we also analyse their vehicle usage to determine if there are any vehicles that cannot be replaced with a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

What is the process?

The whole process is broken down into logical and structured steps, where each stage has options and considerations to ensure that the fleet aligns with our customer’s purpose. The steps are:

Customer goals

This is an obvious first step as every step after that would need to be consistent with their objectives. Their purpose could be to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, or maintenance costs, contribute to a greener future, or simply to enhance their green credentials. Whatever their goals, the next steps need to align with them.

Current fleet assessment

Once we have a clear picture of their goals, we assess their current fleet against it. This stage also involves studying how their vehicles are used, pattern for locations they travel to, how frequently they travel, and distances covered. In this assessment, we also identify which vehicle types would not be suitable for ZEVs as well as the future fleet makeup.

Site assessment

After we have assessed their existing fleet, we do a site selection based on the location of the vehicles. This involves studying where they travel to, where and when they will be charged, etc.

We also look at the existing site capability, charging infrastructure, proposed charging locations on site, and the legalities pertaining to the building (whether it is owned or rented, duration of rent, and other things).

 Transition plan

Using the information gathered from the previous stages, we devise a transition plan for our customer. This plan takes their current fleet’s lease end dates, when the ZEVs will be available, which site needs to be enabled first, and if other leases need to be extended.

Funding support

Finally, we plan out the funding needed and if they will require any support with it.

What are the benefits of eStart?

With our solution, customers get the following benefits:

  • A complete breakdown of the costs involved
  • An assessment of the vehicles they need, and which vehicles cannot be replaced, saving them from the unnecessary expenses of buying a vehicle that is not suitable
  • A complete analysis of their infrastructure needs, including charging and parking, and installation of additional charge points
  • A smooth transition plan, with each stage outlined so their business is not disrupted in the transition process
  • Support with funding, if needed

As you can see, eStart is a unique and innovative offering designed to enable greener fleets. We are delighted that the judges thought so too, especially considering the sheer number of high-quality entries we were competing with.

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the other winners and finalists. It was a tough competition.

If you would like to know more about eStart, or our fleet management and leasing, employee benefitsn solutions, and driver services, give us a call on 0844 854 5100 or email CSalmon@sgfleet.com.