24 February 2020

We recently organised a test drive event for Portsmouth Football Club (PFC) players in order to promote our latest offering – Premier SoccerLease. This new product is a variation of our original offering, SoccerLease.


What is SoccerLease?


In 2018, sgfleet came up with SoccerLease, a product designed for sports clubs and their fans. The way it works is simple – any fan can lease a vehicle from sgfleet through the club, get £100 cashback, plus generate a £100 donation to support grassroots football at the club.

This is a great way for sports clubs across the country to repay fan loyalty and get something back in return to fund the club and help develop their sport locally.

In a very short time, SoccerLease has become immensely popular, securing a finalist position at the Stadium Business Awards in its first year! It has been taken up by football clubs all over the country, including Birmingham City Football Club and PFC. In fact, SoccerLease is the official 2020 goal sponsor for PFC in addition to providing them with a steady income through the cashback programme.


What is Premier SoccerLease?


Since SoccerLease was so successful with the fans, we decided to roll out a variation that was designed for the players – Premier SoccerLease.

As the name suggests, Premier SoccerLease is a VIP car leasing service, offering players a selection of high-end vehicles at great prices. It comes with a personal concierge service, and, like SoccerLease, includes maintenance, breakdown cover, and much more.


Chris Salmon and Bertie Morse with PFC players


What was the test drive event?


In order to promote the new product to PFC players, we organised a test drive event at their training ground. As part of the event, we had cars like the Tesla Model 3, Range Rover Sport, and Jaguar F-Type brought in so players could drive them to ‘get a feel’ and see which ones they wanted to lease.

We also filmed a Carpool Karaoke-style video with players Bryn Morris, Christian Burgess, and Ellis Harrison, with sgfleet Consumer Business Development Manager Bertie Morse along for the ride trying to get them to sing their favourite Pompey songs!

Bertie asked them what they liked best about sgfleet and SoccerLease, and we got some interesting views.

Ellis Harrison loved the fact that the company was so quick to respond, and was so accommodating.
Bryn Morris was appreciative of the fact that we are PFC goal sponsors, and he also liked the cashback scheme. They all agreed that giving back to the community was a great way of ensuring a better future for young players.

Christian liked the all-inclusive aspect of leasing through SoccerLease, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

All in all, the event was a success, with sgfleet now liaising with five of the players on accessing their new car leases via Premier SoccerLease. Most importantly, the rest of the squad is now also aware of the benefits of the product, and have the opportunity to discuss the offers available when they are next looking for a new car lease.


Further reading

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Are you looking for more information about SoccerLease or Premier SoccerLease? Get in touch by calling us at 0344 854 5161 or email bmorse@sgfleet.com.

Zoomed in marketing display for Premier SoccerLease on a football field