26 September 2019

On average, people are travelling longer to get to work, and as a result, are spending a considerable amount of their earnings/business expenses on fuel.

Making your employee commutes more fuel-efficient ensures that your staff is not left out of pocket, reduces your business expenses, and is also good for the environment. 

Provide tips on fuel efficiency

There are plenty of ways in which drivers can lower their fuel consumption. You may think some of them are obvious, but sometimes a little reminder to your staff can help.

Simple tips like maintaining a steady speed can help save money on fuel. It may seem like a tiny amount, but it adds up!

Other tips include:

  • Smooth driving without sudden braking or accelerating
  • Reduce the weight of the car by removing clutter
  • Keep windows closed when travelling at high speeds
  • Remove roof racks when not in use to reduce drag
  • Check tyre pressure and keep it at optimal levels


Encourage green cars 

The UK Government is bringing the BiK tax for fully electric company vehicles down to 0% for the 2020-21 financial year. This is a motivation for companies to use electric vehicles in their fleet.

You can also encourage your employees to use fuel-efficient, low-emission cars instead of traditional vehicles. A charging infrastructure at work will make it easier for employees to adopt green vehicles. It will reduce their fuel costs, with electricity being cheaper than petrol, and will also help lower emissions and pollution.

Offer car alternatives

Cars are ideal for longer commutes, but for shorter commutes cycling might be a better, more environmentally-friendly option. Cycle-to-work schemes are a great way to encourage employees to hit the pedals. The activity is also better for their health. 

Encourage car-sharing

If you have multiple employees driving from the same area, you could encourage them to car-share. This not only splits the cost of the commute but it also means less traffic on the roads and fewer emissions.

You can encourage employees to car-share by creating an incentive or enable communications so employees can organise something themselves.

Car sharing for commute

Incentivise sustainable commuting

Several companies now offer employees a corporate mobility budget. This is a monthly allowance that they can use to commute to work. The best part about this system is that it encourages them to keep their costs low.

If they take a bus instead of driving to work, they can save money, which becomes their earnings at the end of the month. That way, they are encouraged to choose sustainable options.

Other options

  • Flexible working hours - flexible working hours, allowing employees to come in or leave earlier or later, could help them travel with greater fuel efficiency.
  • Working from home - In the modern world, technology has made it possible for people to collaborate with colleagues without even being in the same country. Work-from-home options can help your employees reduce commuting costs.

To conclude, adopting fuel efficiency as part of your work culture is not just beneficial for you and your employees. It directly benefits the environment as well.

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