3 June 2020

Due to the health risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to work remotely or temporarily close operations. Some employees may also have been furloughed.

Whilst the uncertainty may cause some anxiety, the situation can also provide those in the fleet industry with time to invest in self-development. In this post, we want to share some resources and ways to help you enhance your skills while working remotely, or while spending time at home.


Resources from the BVRLA

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) is an industry body that regulates and maintains industry standards while consulting with the Government. During this health crisis, the BVRLA has put together several resources that members can use to enhance their skills while at home.

Members can use the organisation’s home-based learning and development programme to invest in self-development. This programme includes e-learning through the BVRLA platform as well as a range of free webinars about developments in the industry.

The e-learning platform offers several learning packages, including compliance packages for leasing brokers, self-development and management packages, and action counters terrorism packages.

Similarly, there are several helpful webinars that offer insights into industry developments and best practices.

While fleet employees may not have had the time to enhance skills and invest in self-development in the past, this lockdown gives them the perfect opportunity to listen to the webinars and possibly enrol for one of the learning programmes.


Resources from Driving for Better Business


The Driving for Better Business programme works on the principle that employers have an important role to play in driver safety, and by giving them the resources and information, they can help the company improve fleet safety and risk management. As part of this, they have put together a list of resources for employers – resources that help them enhance skills while working remotely, tailored especially for the COVID-19 crisis.

The Driving for Better Business COVID-19 toolkit offers videos providing support during these uncertain times, as well as advice for essential drivers, non-essential drivers, maintaining business continuity, and more.

There is also a video of their webinar on managing company vehicles during the crisis, and an ‘ask an expert’ service if fleet managers have any questions. Fleet managers can also access additional resources that could be helpful for them during the crisis.

While these resources might not offer any qualifications, they can be a good way to gather knowledge and enhance skills while in lockdown.


ICFM training and education


The ICFM (Institute for Car Fleet Management) is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards advancing the profession of vehicle fleet management through recognising achievements and furthering education.

Their training and education programmes come with the option of tutor-led learning as well as online, for enhancing skills while working from home. Most importantly, they are designed for a range of fleet stakeholders.


Our online driver training modules in partnership with ADT



As part of our support strategy for our clients, we are offering a series of free online driver training modules in partnership with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT). These modules can help your drivers be road-ready when the lockdown is lifted.

Further reading

While these are difficult times for everybody, they also provide us with an opportunity to adapt and improvise. Here are some resources we have for fleet professionals.

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