6 July 2020

The first half of 2020 has been a challenging time for everyone. Many businesses struggled to adapt to the new normal and had to change the way they operate. During this time, we at sgfleet went to great lengths to ensure that our customers and employees stayed safe whilst getting the support they needed.

Here are the COVID-19 measures we implemented.

How sgfleet protected its employees from COVID-19

In the early weeks, when the Government was devising a plan of action to deal with an impending pandemic, we implemented a remote working rotation system for everyone in the business. We also ensured that people with underlying medical conditions were protected by ensuring they always worked from home.

This phased transition meant that we could measure the efficiency of our systems and adapt as required to ensure everything would be working smoothly once we went into full lockdown.

In order to protect our employees from COVID-19, those who were in the office were given instructions to help keep themselves and others around them safe. In addition to the Government guidelines, like washing and sanitising hands frequently, we also implemented certain additional measures. These included:

  • No personal parcel deliveries within the company premises
  • Close all office doors after entering company premises
  • Ensure social distancing (aided by those working from home on rotation)

As a result, when the Government advised a full lockdown, we were ready to carry on with business as usual. In fact, we even had regular remote catch-up sessions and morale-boosting exercises to keep our staff relaxed and motivated.

Person wearing a headset working on a laptop

What is sgfleet doing to support customers during COVID-19?

In addition to keeping our employees protected from COVID-19, we also focussed on our customers. We realised that whilst some of our customers may not be operational, there was still a lot we could do to ensure they had everything they needed from us.

Here is how we ensured that they received the support they required.

Our COVID-19 strategy

In order to keep our customers informed, we quickly created two information resources. The first was a COVID-19 FAQs page, where we addressed common concerns and questions. We also created a video detailing our COVID-19 strategy, where we outlined how we were going to support customers during the lockdown and beyond.

Whilst these resources provided customers with much-needed information about the new way of working, they also helped reassure them of our continued support.

Covid-19 FAQs image

Free vehicle storage at our Stoke-on-Trent site

We realised quite early on that, with the lockdown, a number of our customers would need to store their vehicles until the Government gave the go-ahead to re-open. Since not everyone has a secure space, we offered free storage at our Stoke-on-Trent site.

Our aim was to reduce some of their anxiety about the safety of their fleet vehicles while they were off the roads.

If you would like to store your vehicles please contact Wshropshire@sgfleet.com to arrange. Please note, spaces are limited.

free vehicle storage at our Stoke-on-Trent office

Free online driver training with ADT

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) is a company that provides fleet safety and driver training. We partnered with them to provide free online driver training modules to our customers. We have had over 1,000 sign-ups, with almost 200 completed courses, and others in progress.

With many drivers off the road, we thought it was a good time to help businesses ensure that they were road-ready once the lockdown was lifted.

If you would like to book yourself onto this course, please email CSalmon@sgfleet.com to confirm your place.

Free driver training with ADT

Supporting the NHS and local community

In order to show our appreciation for the hard work the NHS has been doing, we sent care parcels to the hospital near our office in Solihull and to the staff at the Royal Stoke University Hospital Trauma Team. They were very much appreciated!

We are also very proud of the members of our team who used their own time and resources to support essential workers during this difficult time. Customer Relationships Manager Ian Birch told us about his wife, Ange, who was volunteering and making face masks for the vulnerable.

Head of Strategic Relationships Peter Clarke helped out at the Hubb Foundation, delivering food parcels and cleaning supplies to vulnerable people around Stoke-on-Trent.

Business Development Manager Andy Willock helped move patient transfer vehicles for Glasgow NHS.

Sarah Brennan used her spare time to fund and create scrub bags for the trauma staff at Royal Stoke University Hospital and Wales Air Ambulance.

We are extremely proud of the excellent work our team members did.

Business Development Manager Andy Willock helping move patient transfer vehicles for Glasgow NHS

Further reading

Whilst the lockdown has been a challenging time, we are pleased to say that sgfleet managed to continue business as usual whilst supporting our employees and customers.

We have also provided a number of resources to help:

If you would like to know more about our COVID-19 measures, or about our fleet management services, call us on 0844 854 5100 or email CSalmon@sgfleet.com.

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