18 September 2012

sgfleet is proud to announce the launch of Salary Packaging in the UK with the release of the new product – NovaLease.

With this new product, sgfleet has created a new way to salary exchange cars. This exciting new offering is a totally unique approach in the UK market.

Vehicle Salary Packaging schemes are increasingly being used to provide flexible employee benefits. Adopting these schemes assists an organisation to create a competitive and flexible employment framework.

25 years’ experience in Salary Packaging and global fleet management has allowed sgfleet to design a lease solution specifically for vehicle Salary Packaging in the UK. This gives employers two major advantages:

  • Employers are not exposed to early termination risks
  • Employers do not need to provide consumer credit to their employees

There is also a multitude of benefits for employees that include flexibility, convenience, cost savings and tax benefits. This enables employees to operate a new vehicle in a tax and cost effective manner.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian clients have enjoyed the benefits of Salary Packaging, and now sgfleet is bringing the experience to the UK market.

Contact sgfleet today to find more about NovaLease - sgfleet’s exciting new UK car salary exchange offering.