15 April 2012

Did you know you can novate a new, used, or currently owned vehicle?

Make the most of your novated lease benefit. Find out what vehicles you can novate and how many so that you can save money for your family full of drivers.

New vehicle

Take advantage of the purchasing power we have with a variety of dealers across Australia and talk to the team about what you are looking for. Use the novated lease calculator to see what kind of savings you could get with a novated lease.

Make sure you check our special offers - your car might already be on sale!

Used vehicle

Found a car that you really like, through a dealer, or private sale? Find out whether you can novate the car by contacting our novated benefits team. We will check whether the car is eligible, give you a quote, and get you one step closer to owning it.

Currently owned vehicle – also known as ‘Sale and Leaseback’

Get the benefits of a novated lease for your current car. It’s simple: just contact our sales team and tell us about your car. If it meets the ‘Sale and Leaseback’ criteria, we will pay you market value for your existing car and novate it back to you. This will provide you with cash from the ‘sale’ and allow you to budget your pre-tax salary payments.

Not only will you have the ability to bundle your car and all of your running costs into one simple pre-tax payment, it will also free up any cash previously tied up in your car.

It also gives you access to a raft of other benefits.

Contact our team today, and find out whether you could be saving more on your existing car.

You can also novate more than one vehicle

You can novate as many vehicles as your employer and personal circumstances allow.

Depending on your salary packaging policy, you may be able to novate more than one vehicle. Contact our team or talk to your employer and find out how many vehicles you can lease – you could be saving on your family’s entire fleet of vehicles.

If you have a second car that is not novated, why not novate it today to increase your savings and convenience. Get one pre-tax salary deduction for all your vehicles.