28 April 2013

There are two ways that employees can save on the cost of education – by salary packaging tuition fees for:

  • themselves or
  • their children

Employee Education

Wanting to do a course at university or simply extend a reference book collection? Most employees can salary package self-education expenses if their employer allows this benefit and if the education initiatives are job related.

Self-education expenses includes:

  • new reference books
  • seminars
  • courses
  • journal subscriptions

By using pre-tax dollars to pay for education, employees do not have to wait until tax time to claim these expenses.


Children's Tuition

Employees could pay for their children’s school tuition fees using pre-tax dollars if this is offered as part of their employers workplace benefits program. This enables employees to salary package their children’s education and save on the tuition fees.

School tuition fees can be salary packaged for those who are employed by:

  • Not-for-profit hospitals
  • Private schools
  • Charities or other not-for-profit organisations
  • Religious institutions
  • Club or associations

Employees should contact their employer to see if these options are available to them.