20 May 2012

Window Tinting


Street Legal Window Tint - The darkest automotive window tinting legally available which creates privacy, temperature control, as well as increased glare and UV protection. The tint comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Cancer Council Window Film – This tint is tested and approved by the Cancer Council as the only tint in Australia to provide the maximum UPF 50+ protection to virtually eliminate the penetration of harmful UV rays through the vehicle’s windows. It is now available in both tinted and clear, and both of these films offer the highest UPF rating available to help protect drivers and their passengers from the risks of skin cancer. It also saves fuel as it reduces heat by up to 60% and assists in reducing the load on air-conditioning. This tint comes with a lifetime warranty.


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All of these vehicle accessories can be packaged using pre-tax dollars, providing a very cost effective way of including options in a Novated vehicle. sgfleet will even coordinate with the delivering dealer to ensure all items are fitted pre-delivery.

For more information on any of these items, please contact 1800 743 262.