20 May 2012

In-Car Communication

Bluetooth Colour + Music Parrot Mki9200 – This Bluetooth kit comes with a colour LCD Screen which allows the driver to see who is calling and to make calls without touching the phone. It also allows the driver to scroll through their music library selecting songs to play through the in-car speakers.

Bluetooth Communicate Parrot CK3100 – This system allows the driver to receive and make calls without having to touch the actual phone.

Bury Bluetooth - This bluetooth unit comes with a mobile specific charging cradle which is controlled by a compact 3 button remote. If the driver changes their phone you can simply change the cradle as opposed to the whole system.

GME UHF TX3540 - This UHF Radio comes with an LCD remote microphone which allows the driver to control all of the radio’s features. This unit comes with an RFI antenna.

GME UHF TX3100 – Super compact in size this UHF radio incorporates the latest Digital Signal processing technology. The unit has a RFI antenna included.

GME AM CB Radio – This is a 27MHZ AM Citizen band radio with a number of priority channels and channel scanning.


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All of these vehicle accessories can be packaged using pre-tax dollars, providing a very cost effective way of including options in a Novated vehicle. sgfleet will even coordinate with the delivering dealer to ensure all items are fitted pre-delivery.

For more information on any of these items, please contact 1800 743 262.


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