20 May 2012

Car Care Protection

Paint Protection - Is a surface coating with enhanced UV protectant to prevent fading and premature ageing to assist in creating a brilliant shine for years. It provides stain resistance against bug-splatter, bird droppings and tree sap. The product is also useful for used vehicles by assisting to restore paint gloss and remove faint scratches. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Leather Protection – Will create a barrier against stains, spills and grime. It preserves the new car leather smell whilst nourishing the leather to prevent cracking.

Vinyl Protection - Protects against weathering and cracking and helps to keep surfaces in ‘as-new’ condition. It forms a tough barrier against stains making it easy to clean up spills.

Carpet/Fabric Protection - Offers protection against spills. Also contain bactisSheild, a bacterial protection system that reduces bacteria and allergens that cause respiratory conditions.

MDR Membership – This membership gives access to a repair team that come to the vehicle to repair a range of minor damage items. These include body panels, bumpers interior trim, windscreen and wheels without the need to claim through comprehensive insurance.


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All of these vehicle accessories can be packaged using pre-tax dollars, providing a very cost effective way of including options in a Novated vehicle. sgfleet will even coordinate with the delivering dealer to ensure all items are fitted pre-delivery.

For more information on any of these items, please contact 1800 743 262.