15 October 2013

Eliminate Paper Logbooks


sgfleet have created two new tools that simplify record keeping requirements of vehicles used for business purposes – the sgfleet Logbook and the sgfleet Logbook App

The sgfleet Logbook App has been designed to capture business trips and their purpose via a simple app while the sgfleet Logbook is easy to use via an online portal.

With either application, the data from the completed logs can be downloaded and sent directly to an employer or tax agent for record keeping and compliance purposes.

To manage trip data more effectively or use the Operating Cost Method for calculating FBT, these new logbook tools are a no cost, user-friendly solution.


The sgfleet Logbook is available to anyone with internet access and is supported by most computing devices including personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

Want to get started now? Click here to sign up to the application.

The sgfleet Logbook App is currently available on the App Store or click on one of the icon's below.