22 March 2012

sgfleet has an array of products to suit the needs of every driver.

  • Vehicle Accessories

    Wanting additional accessories for a Novated Lease vehicle? Then sgfleet has the answer. 

    20 May 2012

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  • Logbook

    The latest innovation from sgfleet - the Logbook and the Logbook App. 

    15 October 2013

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  • sgfleet App

    Keep track of a Novated Lease with the sgfleet app 

    16 September 2014

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  • Fleetintelligence 2.0

    sgfleet is excited to announce the launch of fleetintelligence 2.0 - the next evolution in salary packaging. 

    19 February 2013

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  • Roadside Assistance

    The Roadside Assistance service ensures that drivers of sgfleet vehicles won't be left stranded and offers drivers immediate assistance in case the unexpected happens. 

    4 March 2012

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  • Comprehensive Extended Warranty Insurance

    Wanting to extend the warranty of an sgfleet vehicle? Then the sgfleet Comprehensive Extended Warranty Insurance is the answer 

    8 March 2012

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  • Comprehensive Insurance

    Comprehensive Insurance can be provided for all vehicles that sgfleet manage. 

    12 March 2012

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