15 February 2012

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10,000 KM
12 months
75 %
Approximate weekly cost

The approximate weekly cost is the reduction in your take home pay to lease the vehicle type indicated. Inclusions in the approximate weekly cost are:

  • Fuel and maintenance, 'up to' your nominated kilometre limit
  • One set of replacement tyres are included for every 40,000 klms
  • Comprehensive insurance, registration and CTP (where applicable)
  • Lease rental and FBT component (FBT is calculated utilising the Operating Cost Method which is based on the percentage of business use)
Savings over a year

Annual savings have been calculated by comparing the total cost to run the selected vehicle from after tax pay compared to a salary packaging arrangement.

Components that contribute to the overall saving include:

  • Fleet discount on the purchase of the vehicle
  • Income tax savings
  • Vehicle is financed net of GST
  • Most running costs are net of GST
  • Fuel is paid from pre tax dollars, significantly reducing the cost per litre
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Leasing information

Large Sedan
Approximate on-road cost $20,000
Annual salary $35,000
Annual KMs 10,000 KM
Lease Term 12 months
Business use percentage 75%
Approximate weekly cost -
Savings over 1 year term -
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