30 January 2012

A rewarding employee benefit

Salary packaging allows you to make payments for every day expenses from you pre-tax salary.

Some popular salary packaging items are:

      • Vehicles – novated leases
      • Car parking
      • Airline lounge memberships
      • Superannuation
      • Laptops
      • Self education
      • Memberships and subscriptions

By salary packaging, you save money on these items and increase your take home pay.

Contact our salary packaging team to find out more about how we can help you.

Phone: 1800 743 262                                         Email: salarypackaging@sgfleet.com

  • Novated Lease

    At sgfleet, we provide you with an easy, low-cost way to own and run the car of your choice. As part of your employee benefits program, our goal is to help you achieve a better price on your next new car and access... 

    25 March 2019

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  • Novated Lease Deals

    Get a better price on your next new car and access thousands in income tax and GST savings with an sgfleet Novated Lease. For these deals, or to save on any other make or model, call us on 1800 743 262. Cost per... 

    9 August 2017

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  • Car Trade-in

    When it comes to trading in your car, you'll normally get a better price by selling privately. However, if you’re not interested in losing your weekends to oversee inspections, and you want to avoid the extra... 

    18 June 2019

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  • Novated Lease Calculator

    Calculate what you could be saving on a vehicle with a novated lease, based on your lifestyle. 

    19 August 2013

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  • Novated Video

    Wanting to know more about Salary Packaging a vehicle? Watch this video....   

    27 June 2013

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  • Novated Lease FAQs

    These Frequently Asked Questions will assist in providing an introduction to Novated Leases. 

    15 April 2012

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  • Novated Lease Enquiry

    Enquire today to find out how much you could save with an sgfleet Novated Lease. 

    2 June 2019

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  • Employee Benefits

    One of the key salary packaging items you could choose is a novated lease, which comes with a variety of great benefits.   

    14 February 2012

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  • What can I novate?

    Did you know you can novate a new, used, or currently owned vehicle? Make the most of your novated lease benefit. Find out what vehicles you can novate and how many so that you can save money for your family full of... 

    15 April 2012

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  • Employer Benefits

    From neutral costs to the employer, through to outsourced administration, sgfleet's Novated Leases and salary packaging make it easy for organisations to provide a a great workplace benefit for employees. 

    14 February 2012

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  • Products

    sgfleet has an array of products to suit the needs of every driver. 

    22 March 2012

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  • Operating Cost Calculator

    Will you also be using your novated vehicle for business? Use the Operating Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of your next Novated Lease. 

    15 February 2012

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