21 February 2012


SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited trading as sgfleet is committed to be the leading provider of integrated mobility solutions in our chosen markets.

We do this through adoption of a Total Quality Management approach to our business, integrating the principles of continuous improvement of our systems and processes that meet both sgfleet and client requirements.

Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed our client expectations for service delivery and to be recognised for excellence and integrity in all our business dealings with both clients and suppliers.

Our commitment to quality, leadership and innovation is championed by senior management and extends to all functions and levels of the organisation.

sgfleet maintains and constantly reviews its Quality system, which describes the processes and responsibilities associated with the implementation and achievement of our vision and promotes quality awareness to all staff through comprehensive training programs.

We will constantly challenge our methods of doing business, seeking to achieve a competitive advantage through prudent commercial processes, thereby enhancing the wellbeing of all our stakeholders.


Last updated 21st August 2017