15 March 2012

Kilometre Tracker

15,000 kms
Actual KMs travelled-
KMs Travelled variation-
Average KMs travelled-
Average daily KMs variation-
Remaining days-
Remaining KMs-
Required KMs daily-


  1. Please ensure the accuracy of the information you are inputting. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the starting kilometres and FBT commencement date are correct.
  2. The output of remaining kilometres is based on your nominated annual kilometres, and may not necessarily be the kilometres required to meet the nominated FBT bracket.
  3. The FBT year runs from April 1st to March 31st.
  4. Your FBT commencement date is either the day you collected your vehicle (ie your lease start date) or April 1st if you had already taken delivery of your vehicle prior to the commencement of the current FBT.
  5. Days unavailable for private use do not affect you annualised kilometre reading.
  6. This calculation is a guide only and sgfleet recommends that you seek your own independent legal, financial and tax advice when making any decisions in relation to a Novated lease. sgfleet makes no representations whatsoever about the functionality or accuracy of this calculation and accepts no liability arising out of your use of or any errors or omissions.