20 May 2012

Vehicle Safety

St John Vehicle Safety Kitsgfleet in conjunction with St Johns Ambulance Australia have designed an exclusive vehicle safety kit to assist with Work, Health and Safety responsibilities. The kit contains a first aid kit, reflective triangle, torch, fire blanket and high visibility fire retardant vest.

Parking Sensors – Front and rear parking sensors are available to help avoid collisions and costly vehicle damage

4.2” Rear View Mirror Screen with Reversing Camera – This camera integrates with the rear view mirror allowing various viewpoints whilst reversing. The camera only engages whilst in reverse leaving normal vision in the mirror whilst driving

3.5”Mirror Screen with Reversing Camera – This camera integrates a screen in your vehicle which allows you to see 135 degrees behind you when reversing.

Commercial 7” Screen with Heavy Duty Reversing Camera – This unit comes with an enclosed waterproof frame on the camera for those that like to drive in challenging environments. The screen is also linked to an external rear microphone which allows the driver to not only see what is going on behind the vehicle but to also hear.

Lights on with Ignition – The lights of the vehicle illuminate when vehicle is started and during driving.

Reversing Beeper – This emits noise that can only be heard by people in close proximity to the vehicle when it is reversing.

Amber Beacons – these beacons emit flashing light for safety concerns

Light Bar – These light bars are equipped with indicator and brake lights. They also have a flashing beacon and reversing beeper. They can further customised depending on site requirements.

Narva Driving Lights – Driving lights which increase visibility at night

Tekonsha Brake Controller – Easy to use break controller with LCD display which assists with braking when towing.


Vehicle Security

Alarms – sgfleet has sourced alarm systems that provide additional security to those provided by the manufacturers. The systems can be installed into canopies on utilities to protect them and their contents as well.


For more information:

sgfleet will coordinate with the delivering dealer to ensure items are fitted pre-delivery.

For more information on any of these items, please contact a sales consultant on 1300 138 235 or the Relationship Manager assigned to each organisation.

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