4 March 2012

sgfleet’s toll management service is the ideal toll management solution for every corporate fleet. The sgfleet toll management service:

  • Can be used on any toll road in Australia as it consolidates toll usage from all toll road providers in Australia into one easy to manage solution
  • Can be implemented for vehicles that are currently leased through another provider
  • Enables all toll transactions to appear on one monthly invoice
  • Can be consolidated with all other vehicle running expenses
  • Will allocate each tag to a single vehicle enabling greater flexibility with transactional based reporting including:
      • Assistance in the prevention of fraudulent tag use
      • Safety net register to eliminate toll infringements if a tag is not triggered at the toll collection point

sgfleet will:

  • Assist in a complete reconciliation of all existing tags prior to changing over to the sgfleet service to ensure only active tags and vehicles are included
  • Execute toll tag implementation for new vehicles including providing delivery of new tags to drivers and assistance in the collection and return of old tags. Upon delivery of a new vehicle which requires a toll tag, sgfleet will send a new tag to the nominated business unit
  • Communicate with teams in an organisation on implementation timelines of new toll tags and provide an FAQ fact sheet

The sgfleet toll management service is simple, will consolidate all current toll providers under the one program and can even be implemented for vehicles that are currently leased through another provider.

To take advantage of the sgfleet toll management service across any fleet, call 1300 138 235 and leave the rest to sgfleet.

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