8 March 2012

sgfleet continues to drive innovation in the Novated Lease market with the sgfleet app that enables drivers to keep track of a Novated Lease.

The sgfleet app that makes it easy to stay in control of an sgfleet Novated Lease anywhere, anytime. It will make the management of an sgfleet Novated Lease even easier and will help to:

  • Capture regular kilometre updates
  • Locate the nearest service outlet
  • Manage one or multiple vehicles
  • Track target kilometers with the FBT Planner to manage FBT liability
  • Remember where the car is parked with the parked vehicle finder

The sgfleet app is easy to get started, has an intuitive interface and is free to all sgfleet Novated Lease drivers.


To obtain a Novated Lease with sgfleet or to learn more about the sgfleet app contact 1300 138 235.