12 March 2012

A quality fuel management program is integral to effective fleet management for both its cost management and the quality information and fleet measurements it provides.

Fuel cards are a key component to successful fleet management for a number of reasons including that:

  • Fuel can make up 30% of fleet running costs
  • Fuel transactions are the best way to capture regular odometer readings

A fuel card also offers security and control with features such as:

  • Odometer reading validation
  • PINs that are chosen by the driver
  • Electronic restriction on specific product purchases
  • Monthly and daily dollar purchase limits

All fuel purchases are recorded in Fleetintelligence, sgfleet's web based management and reporting system that enables instant access to information on vehicle activity. This system can create various standardised and customised reports for analysis including:

  • Usage reports
  • Fuel transactions
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Excessive fuel overfill
  • Fuel analysis
  • Electronic invoices

sgfleet have the capacity to provide fuel card services using any of the major fuel providers. In certain situations multiple fuel cards may be required, for example, vehicles operating in remote locations but a dedicated fuel brand program nearly always delivers a more financially beneficial arrangement. This is due to the negotiated discounts being earned on every litre purchased which equates to a more economical solution than generic brand programs. This is because discounts on generic brand programs may be only on selected (minor market share) fuel brands and can incur high levels of card/account fees.

sgfleet has relationships with all major fuel card providers and can facilitate a fuel management program that is tailored to every companies specific requirements. For more information, contact sgfleet on 1300 138 235.