8 March 2012

Throw away paper-based log books...eliminate the potential for manual manipulation!

The efficient collection of data for reporting is a must for all Fleet Managers. Installation of the sgfleet Electronic Log Book into company vehicles will ensure accurate and timely data collection for reporting. 

The sgfleet Electronic Log Book provides a simple way of collecting data and will also eliminate manual entries into paper log books which are time consuming for both the driver and the coordinator who needs to re-enter the information.

sgfleet’s Electronic Log Book unit can be bought outright or included in a leased vehicle from sgfleet. It can even be installed into an existing vehicle within a fleet that is leased through another provider.

This easy-to-use device enables drivers to select their trip purpose, be it private or business. When a driver selects a private trip, only the start and end odometer reading is collected with no visibility to the location of the vehicle. This enables employees to still maintain their privacy.

The sgfleet Electronic Log Book will provide:

  • Timely and accurate data collection
  • Regular reports
  • Kilometre readings which can be utilised for other fleet management functions
  • An elimination for the need for paper based log books
  • Information on any non-compliant drivers via exception reporting
  • The delivery of both driver and vehicle summary reports
  • Substantial savings
  • Optional built in navigation for drivers

For more information on the Electronic Log Book, contact sgfleet.