12 March 2012

Comprehensive Insurance can be provided for all vehicles managed by sgfleet. One of the key benefits of the policy sgfleet provides is that the monthly insurance budget is included within the consolidated invoice provided, ensuring one invoice for all fleet-related items.

Features of the policy go beyond typical fleet inclusions. They include:

  • The greater of lease pay-out or market value is paid, ensuring the lease is not out of pocket in the case of total loss
  • Repair or replace the vehicle’s windscreen or window glass without the application of excess
  • The cost of hiring a replacement vehicle up to $100 per day is included if the vehicle is damaged or stolen - this benefit is capped at $2,100
  • Towing and storing the vehicle to the nearest repairer or to any other place approved by sgfleet
  • Repair of damage to any trailer that at the time of the accident or theft is attached to the vehicle
  • Tyre replacement of any tyre unable to be used again as a result of loss or damage
  • Emergency travel costs and repairs, ensuring drivers are back on their way sooner
  • Up to $2,000 coverage for theft of personal effects from a locked vehicle or accidental damage to such effects if a vehicle is damaged
  • The costs and charges that are incurred to clean up or remove debris resulting from goods falling or leaking from the vehicle
  • The replacement cost of signwriting or fixed advertising signs or materials forming a permanent part of the vehicle at the time of loss or damage

Limits and conditions apply to the above, including excess fees.

For complete product information and all relevant terms and conditions, please contact sgfleet on 1300 138 235.