8 March 2012

According to WH&S laws in Australia, the motor vehicle is deemed as a workplace and is more likely to cause lost time and injuries than any business activity as the workforce becomes more mobile. All fleets receive damage but few record the costs accurately and most organisations are unaware of the real direct costs of repairs or how to manage their responsibilities regarding the motor vehicle as a workplace.

An entry-level accident management product is no longer ‘enough’ to ensure drivers of company vehicles are safe. Today’s requirement is for a combination of a motor vehicle safety policy, driver consultation and training, risk assessment and regular formal reporting in order to have a complete accident management program.

sgfleet offers several forms of incident and accident management services including a basic, standard and advanced product. All services include:

  • 24/7 at scene accident assistance
  • Repair management
  • Basic cost reporting - new claims and expense segmentation
  • Dashboard review of claim status

The standard accident service has full benchmark comparison reporting and also includes:

  • Automated process for repair authorisation and delivery of replacement vehicles
  • Specialised reporting including results reporting on driver satisfaction survey
  • Creation and implementation of written accident management process
  • Financial claims management
  • Live electronic claim access to all documentation
  • Client-specific form creation and electronic delivery
  • Electronic claims notification for multiple personnel
  • Reported and managed tailored client exception limits and instant email exception reporting
  • Proactive cumulative damage management strategies
  • Accident data analysis and solution recommendations
  • Quarterly cost reporting for new claims, expense dissection and multiple offenders

The advanced product has additional services including:

  • Driver training 
  • Meeting WH&S policy requirements

sgfleet can assist to not only reduce fleet costs but provide drivers and employees with a safer working environment. For more information on fleet accident management, contact sgfleet on 1300 138 235.