22 March 2012

sgfleet provides two key funding options, Operating Lease and Finance Lease.


Operating Lease

An Operating Lease allows businesses to free up their balance sheet. Under an Operating Lease, the company makes a fixed monthly payment for the duration of the term that covers the rental costs for the vehicle as well as the running costs such as maintenance, registration renewals, replacement tyres, fuel, insurance, roadside assistance and other services.

Financing vehicles under an Operating Lease also delivers operational benefits. It facilitates outsource management and running of the fleet to a specialist fleet management business such as sgfleet.

An Operating Lease is the most popular method of financing a fleet of motor vehicles.


Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is an agreement that permits one party to use property owned by another party. It is a form of finance which is designed to be used for a fixed term in return for paying for rental. Under a lease, the customer does not own the vehicle.

Financing vehicles under Finance Lease also delivers operational benefits to the business.