14 February 2012

Solutions for Corporate and Government Clients

sgfleet offers a full range of Fleet Management solutions. These Fleet Management services are tailored to meet the specific internal requirements of each client. This encompasses a range of Fleet Management products that includes Fleet Management systems that enable the efficient running of any fleet.

Fleet Management services include:

  • Funding options including operating lease or finance lease
  • Maintenance plans including tyre replacement
  • Registration renewal
  • Fuel cards
  • Reporting via Fleetintelligence
  • Breakdown and accident assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Kilometre management
  • Fines management
  • Driver training

In addition to providing superior fleet products and services, sgfleet undertakes a complete fleet review of every fleet. This enables recommendations to be provided on which of the range of services offered by sgfleet are appropriate for each individual client. This is because each client’s circumstance is unique and sgfleet never adopts a “one-size-fits-all” approach to Fleet Management.

For specific detail on the type of Fleet Management services that sgfleet provides including access to innovative Fleet Management systems and the above product suites, please visit the product page listed below for more information or contact sgfleet.


Client Sourced Funding

sgfleet will provide Fleet Management services where a customer elects to own their vehicles or finance their vehicles via another form. Many of the services provided will be the same as services provided to a customer who utilises one of the above funding options. A range of value added products and services can be included with any funding method.


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